Commonwealth of Independent States Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Why certification for Custom Union?

Certificates or declarations of conformity (DoC) are the necessary documents for products exported to the EU Customs Union and trade activities (sale) into the EU Customs Union.

What is GOST R Certificate?

A GOST R certificate is a document certifying that the product is made in accordance with applicable Russian federation standards and are similar to the GOST K and GOST B certifications forĀ  Kazakhstan and Belarus. The GOST R system still exists for products not covered by Technical Regulation of CU (TR CU).

What is TR CU?

The TR CU (Technical Regulations of Customs Union) virtually replaced the old system of GOST R and came into force on February 15, 2013 . Certificates and Declarations which are issued under the TR CU are valid throughout the Customs Union territory.

How often do you need to certify your product?

There are two types of certificates/declarations - batch approval which is valid for the contract/shipment and second type is certificate/declaration for continuous manufacturing with validity 1, 3 or 5 years.

How much does a certificate cost?

The price for each certificate is always calculated according to the extent and nature of the product. Therefore, we need to know the customs code and product description.

How do I know if I need a certificate?

To export products, manufacturers or importers are required to provide documents to authorities. Sometimes your customers or representative may require a certificate before shipping as proof of compliance.

What type of certificate do I need?

The type of document (certificate, declaration, exemption letter) depends on the product type and its HS code. Type also depends on which territory (Russia, CU, EurAsEC) it is intended to be imported or sold, or if the product does not fall under mandatory certification, a Letter of Exemption is recommended.

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